Oshkosh AirVenture 8-Day RV Rally

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Since 1953, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has been sponsoring its annual AirVenture.  Originally part of the Milwaukee Air Pageant, the first EAA fly-in was attended by a few home-built aircraft and about 150 guests.  My, how it has grown!  After it moved to the small town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1969, the number of planes, entertainment and attendees has grown so much that today an estimated 500,000 people enjoy the thrills and excitement at Witman Airport each year, along with more than 10,000 aircraft, 800+ exhibitors, 41,000 campers, 4,000 volunteers, thousands of presentations, movies, balloon glows and entertainment each evening – all adding up to make this the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.

2 in airDespite the crowds, Fantasy’s annual AirVenture RV Rally makes it easy and comfortable for guests to enjoy all of the AirVenture activities.  Our campsites are located in Camp Scholler, which has convenient access to evening entertainment, free Wi-Fi, showers and even temporary electric RV hookups with a mid-week water fill and dump.  Well-known RV personality Greg Bruce, the RallyMaster for this event, and his crew actually meet arriving Fantasy guests right at the gate and move our rigs into place in a matter of minutes.  Greg cooks meals in the evenings and provides coffee, newspapers and great conversation each morning.  Shuttle buses depart right in front of our camping area.


Here are just some of the highlights of our Oshkosh AirVenture 8-Day RV Rally:

  • After our initial orientation and Welcome Dinner, the fun begins with daily flying and acrobatic shows featuring the world’s best aerobatic pilots.
  • Head to the flight line and watch mock dogfights among World War II aircraft and parachute demonstrations.
  • Greg prepares dinner each evening, (including traditional Fantasy Welcome and Farewell dinners) followed by special AirVenture entertainment each night!
  • ARIAL SHOWEnjoy the AirVenture Innovations Day, featuring the latest creations and inventions in the sky and fascinating speakers’ forums describing them.
  • Visit the thousands of planes on display, including many homebuilt and experimental aircraft, vintage planes, seaplanes, restored military “warbirds”, military aircraft from around the world, ultralights, commercial aircraft, powered parachutes and gliders, rotorcrafts, a blimp, Zeppelin and hot air balloons.
  • Take time to honor the anniversary of the famous Doolittle Raiders air mission over Japan and watch the WomenVenture programs encouraging women to participate in aviation activities.
  • Visit more than 800 aviation exhibitors onsite.
  • Participate in the AirVenture commemoration of the anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Visit the EAA Aviation Museum, where your imagination takes flight at one of the largest and most extensive aviation displays in the world, with more than 200 historic aircraft on display, four movie theatres and interactive hands-on displays – there is literally something for everyone. Their Eagle Hangar honors World War II aviation, and the 2017 exhibits include a rare display of aircraft nose art from World War II.
  • If shopping’s your thing, we’ve got that covered as well at the EAA Fly Market – a large flea market with a focus on aviation souvenirs and products – everything from aviator sunglasses to T-shirts to aircraft doors.
  • Watch the largest fly-by of vintage airplanes in the world. EAA is saluting all veterans with a parade of bomber aircraft.

warplane OSHKOSH field

If you love anything that has to do with aircraft – from hot air balloons to military jets to ultralights to aerobatic performances to vintage aircraft and more – you are bound to find them in Oshkosh.  And you’ll have fun doing so with your fellow Fantasy friends!