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It’s up, up and away at Fantasy’s fantastic five-day Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Rally!  Our abbreviated version allows you to experience the Festival’s highlights in a shorter period of time and still enjoy the Land of Enchantment.

Balloon CollageAlbuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta is the biggest ballooning event in the world, the most photographed event on earth and the largest annual event held in the United States.  The 78-acre launch field at Balloon Fiesta Park is 54 football fields long, and our campsites are right across the street, together with our own private Hospitality Tent.  We camp right in the line of the major flight path, so you only need to stroll out of your rig to watch colorful giant balloons of all shapes and sizes take to the pristine clear-blue New Mexico sky. You can also choose to ride the continuous shuttle between the RV sites and the launch field to be in and among the balloons and balloonists as they prepare for their launch time.

2 People in front of BalloonAfter our Welcome Party and Orientation, you are welcome to enjoy the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum, where you can achieve new heights of ballooning knowledge by exploring the history, science and technology of ballooning.  We learn even more about modern ballooning with a visit from a professional balloon pilot who brings his basket and burner to demonstrate how these amazing objects fly.  It’s our first night, and we celebrate with a Welcome Dinner followed by the evening Glowdeo™ (the shapes evening glow has come to be called the Glowdeo™), a static display of special-shaped, imaginative balloons, which are internally lit to brighten the night sky.  It’s all followed by New Mexico’s most spectacular fireworks display.

Every morning begins early with Dawn Patrol and the Mass Ascension choreographed inflation and balloon launch, all set to music.  Inflations begin at 5:45 AM, with balloons launching shortly thereafter.  If you don’t want to head down to the launch field, relax. We can “sleep in” in our homes on wheels, stroll to our private Hospitality Tent, grab a cup of coffee and walk out to watch all the action. Perhaps you can squeeze in a welcome nap after it’s over!

Balloon NIGHT GLOWBalloons of all sizes and shapes – from Darth Vader to Uncle Sam to a butterfly to a giraffe – make up the Special Shapes Rodeo, the most popular event of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  After they take off, we watch competitions between balloonists who launch their balloons and drop a marker on a target on the launch field.  Next, wood chips are flying in the air instead of balloons as professional Chainsaw Carvers from all over the country create the most amazing sculptures, all with powerful chainsaws.  We head back to our Fantasy Hospitality Tent for our own Fiesta party of nachos and margaritas, sharing the comradery with fellow guests before returning to the field for another evening of balloon performances and fireworks.

We’re up again for Dawn Patrol the following day. With morning coffee and snacks, we witness the Balloon Fiesta’s Mass Ascension, a massive take-off of participating balloons.  Launch directors  (aka Zebras, because of their black and white striped outfits) serve as traffic cops, coordinating the launch so that everyone rises to the air safely.  We have reserved seats for the Music Fiesta, featuring nationally known artists and entertainers, followed by the Night Glow, the breathtaking sight of balloons lit from within and resembling giant holiday ornaments.It’s another grand New Mexico morning as we watch the Dawn Patrol launch and the Balloon Fiesta’s Farewell Mass Ascension.  We head for Albuquerque’s Old Town, where we can stroll around the Plaza, find hidden patios, paths and gardens, shop at more than 150 stores and galleries, sample delicious local food and visit museums that highlight New Mexico’s colorful history and diverse cultures.  We return home and find that Fantasy has prepared a gala Farewell Dinner for us, complete with live entertainment.

Our time in Albuquerque is coming to an end, and we enjoy a continental breakfast with fellow guests and Fantasy staff before we head our separate ways.  New Mexico’s majestic mesas and glowing Sandia peaks will always remind us of the incredible five days we had together at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

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